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Oil changes are one of the types of car services that you have always been told not to skip. Given that this is the case, at some point you have likely wondered what will happen if you skip your car’s oil change.

Why are oil changes even necessary? Here in our Mazda service center, our technicians perform Mazda oil changes on a regular basis, and we are glad to share why your Mazda car needs this service.  

What Purpose Does Engine Oil Serve? 

The engine in your Mazda car consists of thousands of tiny moving parts all rubbing against one another. Motor oil provides lubrication, which helps to avoid damage and keep your engine running smoothly. Each time you run your engine, the byproducts from combustion are collected in the oil. If contaminants build up beyond the capacity of the oil, they create deposits, sludge, and wear in the engine.  

What Happens If You Skip Your Oil Change? 

If you decide to skip your regular oil changes, the contaminants that build up can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s overall performance and efficiency. You may find yourself visiting the gas station more often and your car may take longer to accelerate.  

How Often Should I Get an Oil Change? 

The next big question that you’re likely asking our mechanics at our Virginia Beach Mazda dealership is regarding how often you should change your oil. There is not a hard and fast answer to this question, but if you would like some guidance, your model’s manual contains the recommended oil change intervals. We can also set you up on a set schedule.

Make an appointment for an oil change today at Hall Mazda Virginia Beach! 

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