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When you’re buying a pre-owned Mazda car, you’ll likely want to obtain as much information about it as possible. One of the best ways of verifying the condition of a pre-owned Mazda car is by looking at its CarFax report.

Here at Hall Mazda Virginia Beach, our dealers are proud to have a large inventory of CarFax one-owner vehicles, which means that the service has verified that only one previous owner drove the car. They also come with a CarFax report. Here is what that report includes.  

Vehicle History Reports 

Obtaining a CarFax Vehicle History Report is one of the best methods of avoiding buying a car with costly hidden problems. Each report includes the following information about a pre-owned Mazda car: 

Accident Data 

  • Accident history 
  • Damage severity (major/minor) 
  • Damage location and point of impact 
  • Records of damage repair 
  • Airbag deployment 
  • Structural damage 

Service History 

  • Oil changes 
  • Tire rotations 
  • Open recalls 
  • Brake rotor replacement 
  • Transmission replacement 
  • Safety inspections 

Type of Use 

  • Personal vehicle 
  • Rental vehicle 
  • Leased vehicle 
  • Commercial vehicle 
  • Used as a taxi 
  • Used as a police vehicle 

Ownership History 

  • One, two, or three previous owners 
  • States owned in 
  • Length of ownership 
  • Last reported mileage 
  • Odometer rollback 
  • Floor or lemon title 

The CarFax Vehicle History Report can be used by anyone who wants to check the history of a used car. At our dealership, we sell a large selection of pre-owned Mazda cars that have been verified as having only one previous owner.  

Browse our pre-owned Mazda car inventory here at Hall Mazda Virginia Beach.  

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