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Is your car acting a little strange? Maybe it’s not performing like it used to, or your gas mileage is dropping? It's time to bring your car in for service. Here at Hall Mazda Virginia Beach, we have an onsite Hall Mazda service center that accommodates all maintenance tasks.

Check Engine Light 

If there is some sort of internal issue in your car, there’s a good chance your car will know before you do. This is why when the check engine light comes on, you shouldn’t ignore it. It may only be a minor issue that could be taken care of easily, or something more severe. Common reasons for a check engine light to illuminate include a loose gas cap or needing an oil change.

Fluid Under Your Car 

With ACs cranked up high right now, you may see some water dripping under your car. That’s nothing to be worried about. However, if you see a green fluid on the ground, this is a sign that your coolant is leaking. If it’s red or brown, this means you may have an oil or brake fluid leak. 


Rarely is seeing smoke a good thing in any context, and this is especially true for your car. If you see smoke coming from under your hood, it’s probably due to the engine over-heating. The best thing you can do is pull over to let the engine cool off and then take your car to get looked at.  

Weird Noises 

While some noises are expected when driving, not all of them are normal. If you hear a squealing or grinding, this could be related to your brakes. A droning or dragging noise may indicate an issue with a wheel bearing.  

Schedule Hall Mazda Service Today

You never want to neglect much-needed service for your car. If you’ve noticed any of these issue or others, get in touch with our Mazda dealership serving Norfolk, VA to schedule an appointment.

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