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Worried that your credit score will affect your chances of buying a new Mazda vehicle? Our Mazda finance center has plenty of financing options and credit programs that will help you get a new Mazda vehicle despite your credit standing.

At Hall Mazda Virginia Beach, it’s our job to help you get the vehicle of your dreams!

MAZDA Finance Options for Bad or No Credit  

For customers who are worried about their credit score, we provide plenty of financing advice to help you make your decision. Instead of going it alone, we can offer some tips to make financing a Mazda vehicle easier: 

  • Know Your Credit Score: Your credit score will definitely be an important part of the financing process, so be sure to know it before you start your search for a new vehicle. If you don’t have credit, consider getting a cosigner to help you secure your loan. 
  • Pay in Cash: One way to get around bad credit is to pay for most of your vehicle in cash or at once. By placing a large down payment, you’ll lower the total cost of your loan so you end up paying less both over time and in interest. 
  • Ask Questions: When financing, ask our Mazda finance team for advice and assistance. We’ll work on behalf of you to meet with financial institutions and secure a plan that works for your financial situation. For example, we have an ongoing financial assistance program in partnership with Chase bank.  

Visit Our MAZDA Finance Center  

Still have questions about your Mazda finance options? Talk to the expert finance team at our Mazda finance center to discuss your options. They’ll work with you to get the best-suited auto loans, leases, and interest rates for your budget. Visit us soon! 

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