How to Change a Flat Tire


Whether you’re driving a new 2019 Mazda3 or not, sometimes you get a flat tire. Getting a flat is never fun, but it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do. In fact, you can change your tire using your spare. Here at your Virginia Beach Mazda dealership, we’re helping you learn more about your car, and that’s why we’re breaking down how to change a flat tire.


The first step when you get a flat is to get to a safe spot immediately. Either pull over to the shoulder of the road or down a side street. Put your car in Park, turn on your hazards, and engage your emergency brake.


Now that you’re in a safe location, it’s time to locate your tools and spare tire. Spare tires are typically stored under the floor mat in the trunk of your vehicle. If you have a tire pressure gauge, it’s smart to take your spare’s tire pressure to ensure you can safely drive on it.


Now, using the tire iron, loosen the wheel lugs on your flat tire but don’t remove them altogether. With the lugs loosened, jack up the car. Raise the jack until your flat tire is entirely off the ground. Once completed, finish removing the wheel lugs.


Next, you’ll need to install the spare tire. Align the spare tire over the wheel studs and ensure its flush with the brake hub. Once in position, tighten the wheel lugs partially until the spare tire is secured. Lower the jack, and then finish tightening the spare tire.


Finally, please get to our Mazda service center as soon as possible. Your spare tire is capable of getting you to your Virginia Beach Mazda dealership but isn’t meant to be driven for long distances. Our expert technicians will replace your tire promptly.

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