Mazda Automakers Trademark New Name

Mazda recently announced that it isn’t going to produce a new Mazdaspeed3. If you're not familiar with this model, the vehicle is a torque-steering turbo hot hatch, but it seems like it’s not coming back to the Mazda car lineup.

However, there may be some good news to come out of this development: Mazda automakers also recently trademarked the name MX-6. The filing of the patent suggests that the Japanese automaker has plans for a Mazda MX-6 coupe.

Over the last several years, the Mazda brand of vehicles has moved up through the luxury car rankings. While always providing a level of luxury, quality materials, and good engines, the most recent generation of models like the 2019 Mazda CX-9 proves that quality design and luxury is accessible. All of this it to say that we and all Mazda vehicle fans want to see a true Mazda sports car.

The trademark itself doesn’t exactly mean that we’ll soon see one such model, but it does mean that a new car is in the works. While we don’t know a lot, we can at least say that it won’t be a rotary-powered vehicle.

When it comes to what a sporty two-door Mazda might look like in the future, our favorite and best bet is the Mazda RX-Vision concept we’ve seen. The Mazda RX-Vision concept is an exceptionally beautiful car that sports a luxurious, low profile with a long swooping hood and large cat-mouth-like grille.

We’ll keep all Mazda car fans in the Virginia Beach, VA area updated on all new Mazda vehicle developments so that when it comes time to shopping for a new Mazda for sale, you’re well informed. Be sure to visit us today for all your current model needs
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